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Kishore Khare

SHANTARAM TOURS At Taj Mahal Tower Cool Cab Service

My charges are Rs. 3,000.00 (only cash) for the tour which is very reasonable for half a day of service for the tour. I also include a free bonus City Tour in the trip.

If possible, please contact me in advance by phone.
I cannot accept credit card payments at this time.

Please note that I personally conduct the Original Shantaram Tour and drive you in my taxi. Look for me! I have been conducting the tour for several decades and thousands of successful trips with happy and often repeat visitors. Please do not accept the tour from any other individuals who may offer discounts etc as they are not authorized and not skilled to conduct the tour. Please avoid this unnecessary risk and disappointment.

Please reach me at:

email: kishore @

+919146112289 / +919594291316

Contact Kishore easily using skype: This is how your call should look (click on the picture if it looks fuzzy):


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  • satyam

    THINGS WE DO IN LOVE. And when you are in love with a city
    as majestic as Mumbai nothing ever, would just be enough.
    Living in the city of dreams for over 3 years now, i have tried to visit as many places mentioned in the book. yet much of it lies unseen. Will surely take a tour soon.
    May prabhakar rest in peace.

  • Anupama Varma

    this site adds to the experience created by the book, thank you kishore bhai for that. i have also read the post on Shantaram — Fact or Fiction or both?. i would like to know how much fictionalization is there with regard to the portrayal of the city? i’m asking this as a query as my doctoral thesis is on the geopolitics of the city as portryed in shantaram and suketu mehta’s maximum city. please do inform me.

  • esra özkan

    hı Kishore Khare,how are you,?we’ll come to Mumbai next month. We’d love to.I would appreciate if you can help.We read,very impressive.but not the most important reason, to linbaba( gregory david roberts) I sent him mail.I did not get a reply.:( Have a chance to meet him?Does it have a chance to deliver this mail?please reply.It would be nice of you to do the tour.