The Original Shantaram Tour

Shantaram Tour

I will take you to all the sites described in the book from the rich to the slums where Mumbaikars like the Khare family live even today.  As a real-life character from the novel, I will also tell you about the events in the novel and my story from a village boy to a tourist cab-driver of Mumbai. We invite you to a cup of Indian chai with my family. You will breathe in the city of Mumbai just like you have always been a part of it and I promise, you will take in an experience of a lifetime. A tour unlike any other with me, Kishore Khare and my happy spirits as your personal guide.

I know all the sites, the places and the people. I have been a taxi driver in Mumbai for the last 30 years. Everywhere you go, you will receive a warm and friendly reception. Open your heart to Mumbai and Mumbai will give you the most memorable sights, sounds and experiences. On our trip which will last about 4 hours or more (depending on your interest), I will take you to places of your choosing at a comfortable pace like:

  • Picturesque Mumbai: Taj Mahal Hotel, Gateway of India, Haji Ali Mosque, Nariman Point, Hanging Gardens and Chowpatty beach.
  • The locations from the Shantaram novel that are a daily part of my life in Mumbai like: Dhobhi Ghat, Chor Bazaar, Arthur Road Prison, Charni Road and Nana Chowk, Dongri Prison and its surroundings, Crawford Market, Sasoon Fishing Docks, Navy Nagar Chawl, now called Ambedkar Nagar where we live and Muhammad Ali Road
  • Tasty eateries of Mumbai

Depending on the starting and ending locations, I may charge a little extra for additional time and mileage. Tips are welcome. My “blue” cab can seat up to 4 passengers and is air-conditioned.

There are other Shantaram Tours that are offered by some travel companies in Mumbai.  You will not be as close to the story. On other tours, you will be listening to a rehearsed commentary while being rushed around in a mini-bus. It is not so much fun.

My charges are Rs. 3,000.00 for the tour. I am also available for full day hire in Mumbai, pickups or drop-offs to the airport.
It can be time saving and comforting to travel with a trusted driver (and friend) while you are visiting the city. If possible, please contact me in advance by phone. I cannot accept credit card payments at this time.

My other popular tours are Dharavi Slum Tour, Bollywood Tour and North Mumbai Tour which are all entertaining and educating. Please call to enquire.

Always feel free to reach out to me on my email and phone number. I promise you an experience of a lifetime. Safe Travels!

Kishore Khare and the Khare family

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