Kishore Khare’s Shantaram Tour featured by The Australian in the Travel and Indulgence section

Kishore Khare with his tour vehicle - you are in good hands

Kishore Khare with his tour vehicle – you are in good hands

IF you want a fun, informative tour of Mumbai in a private vehicle, Kishore Khare is your chap. He offers excursions featuring the landmarks of Gregory David Roberts’s 2003 novel Shantaram, but itineraries can be tailored to suit, whether your primary interest is shopping, history, culture or cricket. Khare propels me around south Mumbai, slicing effortlessly through the surging traffic and pointing out places of interest, from a laundry ghat to a Jain temple. He is full of lively patter, including insights that can be gained only from locals. At the turreted Crawford Market, we trawl labyrinthine laneways for Bollywood-bling ribbons; at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, we stop for iced drinks and the promise of a sparkling lavatory. About $45 for a half-day tour in a vehicle for up to four passengers.

Susan Kurosawa

Note from Kishore Khare:
Dear friends, Welcome to Amchi Mumbai! The tour cost is Rs.3000 (three thousand) only. The tour is offered in the morning and afternoon and can accommodate up to four visitors. Please contact me in advance to reserve a time using the above link.


Yeh hai Bombay meri jaan! (This is Mumbai, My Love!)

“The Shantaram Tour with Kishore was a great experience. It was wonderful to see this ‘real mumbai’ and meet so many lovely people on the way. A welcome change from museums and temples…. An absolute must-do!” – Alison C. from Singapore, toured on June 7th 2013